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FavorFridays is a community service 501(c)(3) ministry created on August 3, 2018 and operated by Starr Greenfield along with her committed volunteers, the FavorFridays ministry. The ministry currently takes place on a monthly basis in which Starr promotes the donation theme for the month via social media and collects donations which include but are not limited to food supplies, hygiene products, blankets, sweaters, shoes and monetary donations. She then schedules two days, commonly Fridays and Saturdays, to invite volunteers to come out to help prepare and distribute supplies to those experiencing homelessness or unexpected life events throughout the inner City of Los Angeles.


Favor Fridays was created as a way for all of us to come together as a community for the community. This ministry is dedicated to reciprocating the love and favor we experience individually to the community on a larger scale.


Starr created this platform because she is blessed through the favor of Christ and wanted to share her blessing with others. She wanted to love on and help those that may be experiencing hardships as a reminder that God is with and loves them. The overall goal of Favor Fridays is to spread LOVE and POSITIVITY in any way possible, hence the name, FavorFridays. 

We supply food, water, hygiene supplies, sweater, shoes, blankets and sleeping bags to those experiencing homelessness or anyone who is in need. We also aim to help those who may not have access to shelters or resources due to heavy population, substance and alcohol abuse, mental illness, and/or the inability to increase themselves socially due to life experiences. Depending on our funding, we may pay for low cost hotel stays or find resources that can help. The donations we receive are only made possible through the generous giving of members of our community and the citizens of Los Angeles, CA. People like you can help by donating or sharing our mission. We appreciate your efforts in advance!

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